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The major difference between our competitors and Waibel Energy Systems is our ability to offer BuildingLogiX (BLX), a powerful building automation system, to our customers. 

BLX provides the means to connect a building’s HVAC, lighting, energy management, and security systems and other business information software including, but not limited to, facility operation databases.  BLX helps occupants realize desired increases in comfort, productivity and efficiency. Bringing this information into one system increases the power and effectiveness of allocating financial resources.  The BLX suite is built on the proven technology and power of the Niagara AX Platform. BLX takes this open web-based operating system to a different level to provide web-services that create operational dashboards, system diagnostics, and predictive modeling for maximum equipment and building performance analysis.  BLX is also compatible with nearly all HVAC Control Manufacturers systems.

The most important services that the BLX system provides to a building owner/operator are real-time energy analysis and energy savings.  The owner/operator can track energy usage instantly by zone or by specific equipment, providing more awareness of and control over energy costs.

BLX helps identify areas for energy savings with proactive monitoring and analysis of optimal building performance.  Our Eco-Rate and Google Gadgets are utilized to bring performance information to the Web in real time.  These specialized applications help eliminate wasteful energy consumption and harmful C02 emissions, while concurrently promoting Energy Star, LEED certification, and “Green Building” initiatives.

We have BLX clients in all types of businesses, including the industrial, commercial, government, education, and health care markets.  BLX is operational in over seventy facilities in the Miami Valley region, spread out among forty companies.  Our Client Support Center is staffed with highly trained skilled professionals who can assist customers in identifying and resolving issues rapidly.



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