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Whether it is a single school or a campus, an office building or an industrial park, the incremental savings produced from a fully integrated building system is simply… logical. Through enhanced web-based applications, a building’s individual components--including HVAC, lighting, security, or other specialized elements—can quickly and securely integrate into one building automation system.

Embrace - Don’t Replace

While integration amongst a building’s components is nothing new, a building automation system that is truly interoperable has more or less become a grey area.  It is easy to talk about the rewards of integration…but only one company brings you capability……Waibel Energy Systems and its BuildingLogiX technology.

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About BuildingLogiX

The BuildingLogiX system of products has been enhanced with web technology to provide innovative solutions to take your organization to the next level. BuildingLogiX connects a building’s costly requirements of HVAC, lighting, energy management, security, etc., along with the desired increases in comfort, customer perception, and productivity into one system that increases the power and effectiveness of allocating financial resources.

With BuildingLogiX, a building’s components--no matter the protocol--will fully integrate with the entire system. 

Have a complete interoperable system enables the owner/operator to have full control of a building’s system down to each individual component. The ability to adjust components all the way down to the individual level prevents unwarranted adjustments which frequently cancel out any efficiency from the intended changes.

Integrating Means Protecting Your Investment

In the past, building solutions companies called the shots since their components were proprietary.  Now the proprietary link has been broken.

True Integration Promotes Future Expansion

Sound decisions are made with the future in mind.  By installing an integration system that allows for potential future growth, a company has unlimited possibilities.

The Commitment to Interoperability

BuildingLogiX raised the standard in open integration products. BuildingLogiX means full interoperability amidst many proprietary protocols. BuildingLogiX integrations include legacy types such as Honeywell, Trane, Andover, Johnson Controls, and many more.  With the help of BuildingLogiX, building managers can bring his/her legacy protocols to the web!

Nobody said being fully interoperable was easy, and BuildingLogiX is dedicated to continually growing our offering as new protocols are introduced. By choosing BuildingLogiX, a building manager can confidently choose the protocol of choice without worrying whether he/she will regret the decision a few months later.

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