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SecurityLogiX is a comprehensive access control, security management, and video surveillance solution, built on a truly open, IP based platform. Developed using the NiagaraAX Framework, SecurityLogiX provides unparal-leled interoperability not only within traditional security environments, but also extends seamlessly to create a unified, intelligent building by integrating with today’s diverse facility systems including environmental controls, lighting, and energy management.With Niagara deployed worldwide, the core architecture of SecurityLogiX is proven and designed to solve the complexities of integrating disparate systems in real world scenarios. By integrating these systems into one open platform, you can make intelligent building-wide decisions, thus making your building an “Intelligent Building”.SecurityLogiX provides scalability ranging from single door solutions to multi-building/multi-campus deploy-ments. Entirely accessible from any standard web browser, the solution provides flexible anytime, anywhere access into the system while liberating end users from dedicated client workstations in the traditional client /server model.

SecurityLogiX is open architecture, open framework, open distribution and open protocol support.By integrating today’s diverse building systems such as environmental controls, security, lighting, and energy, the NiagaraAX Framework is creating better buildings—ones that are smarter, use less energy, are more eficient, have lower operating costs, lower total cost of ownership, are safer, and contribute to a sustainable environment.


• Truly open solution-connectivity via oBIX, BACnet, SNMP, Modbus, LonWorks, and other non-proprietary protocols

•Web based security application – easily managed via a standard browser anytime, anywhere

• Supports database connectivity to MS SQL Server 2003 and MySQL

• Open framework solution for connectivity to edge devices • Distributed architecture provides high availability at remote locations

• Common GUI experience regardless of manufacturer or protocol

• Centrally managed card holder and credential database

• Integrated video solution with interfaces to many leading video manufacturers

• Multiple access cards per person

• Quick access to video playback related to individual alarm events

• UL-294 and CE listed systems available

• All-in-one controller that provides access control, HVAC, and video from single device

• Built on Tridium’s highly successfully NiagaraAX Framework, the industry’s leading facility management software platform

• Comprehensive occupancy restriction rules through access zone functionality

• Supervisor rule enforcement

• Occupancy counting

• Scheduled unlock on first alidation

• Elevator control

• Live credential enrollment from any card reader

• Integrated Photo ID badging

• Threat-Level Management











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