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Equipment report cards

Report Wizard is an application that is part of the BDX platform which performs analysis on data collected from building devices and creates score cards based the results. These score cards are used to identify problems or inefficiencies with a device over a specific time period. The BDX Reports application resides within the BDX server and utilizes the BLX Niagara Basix Templates and BLX Niagara Agent. The Report Wizard also supports export of customer and analysis scorecards for further analysis and use.

Report Wizard features and components include:
• BDX Report Selector
o New Reports
o Saved Reports

• Date Range and Component Selection
o Start/End Date of Analysis
o Select Components for Analysis

• Customizable Parameters

• Scorecard Rendering
o Analysis Scorecard
o Customer Scorecard

VAV Score Cards

VAV Score Cards have been designed to provide a real-time report on the health of the VAV boxes in operation.  The metrics utilized to generate a score on each VAV box is based on the Comfort, Efficiency, and Ventilation of the device.  In addition to an individual score for each VAV box, a Summary Report is generated to assist in the efficient deployment of resources to take corrective action on under performing devices. 



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